Case Studies of MPOs Formed Subsequent to the 1990 Census
This page contains a series of case studies about the administrative, policy, and technical development of  Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) that were designated subsequent to the 1990 Census.  Just as the 1990 Census resulted in the designation of new urbanized areas (UZAs), which prompted the need to establish MPOs, new UZAs were defined by the 2000 Census. These new UZAs, in turn, need to form either a new free-standing MPO, or affiliate with an existing MPO if one is adjacent.  The case studies were prepared to assist local and state officials who are in the process of addressing newly designated urbanized areas.  They reflect the experiences of the areas identified and their unique circumstances.  the information provided here is no intended to be an exhaustive summary of the activities leading to MPO formation, nor is it intended to be fromal guidance.
Case Studies Organized
by Central City
  • Brunswick (26K pdf)
  • Dover (39K pdf)
  • Flagstaff (178K pdf)
  • Fredericksburg (31K pdf)
  • Ithaca (50K pdf)
  • Idaho Falls (HTML on FHWA site)
  • Logan (271K pdf)
  • San Luis Obispo (2M pdf) 
  • Contents of the Case Studies

    Steps to MPO Designation
    Policy Board Membership
    Financial Support and Staffing
    Air Quality Planning and Technical Support
    MPO Products and Transitís Role


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    This information is not intended to be an exhaustive summary of the activities leading to formation, nor formal guidance.  These case studies were funded by the FTA Office of Planning and produced in coordination with the FHWA Office of Metropolitan Planning and Programs.  Contact Robin Mayhew at (202) 366-1454 or for further information.
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