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Papers of Interest to Ed
Improving the Utility of 3-year ACS data: A Transportation Perspective by Elaine Murakami, FHWA Office of Planning and Ed Christopher.  Prepared for the Joint Statistical Meetings, Washington DC, August 3, 2009

Understanding LEHD and SYNTHETIC HOME TO WORK FLOWS IN “ON THE MAP” by Elaine Murakami, FHWA Office of Planning DRAFT  May 4, 2007 

Disclosure and Utility of Census Journey-to-Work Flow Data from the American Community Survey by Ed Christopher and Nandu Srinivasan.  Prepared for the Census Data for Transportation Planning Preparing for the Future Conference, Irving, CA., May 2005

Convergence of Traffic Assignments: How Much Is Enough? by David Boyce, M.ASCE, Biljana Ralevic-Dekic and Hillel Bar-Gera (published in ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, volume 130(1), pp. 49-55, January/February 2004)

Chicago Area Commuting Patterns and Trends by Ed Christopher and Siim Soot (March 2003)

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