Roadway Functional Classification
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The State transportation agency shall have the primary responsibility for developing and updating a statewide highway functional classification in rural and urban areas to determine functional usage of the existing roads and streets. . . . The State shall cooperate with responsible local officials, or appropriate Federal agency in the case of areas under Federal jurisdiction, in developing and updating the functional classification.
CFR §470.105(b)(1)
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Many States and MPOs have websites devoted to functional classification and procedures they use making class changes to their networks.  Listed on this page are just a few.
State Links
Webpage devoted to functional Classification with a lot of resources and links. (Minnesota DOT)

Statewide Functional Class Update project (Alaska DOT)

Functional Classification and Urban Boundary Handbook (for Florida, published 2003)

Washington State





AZ Dot

Slides on Functional Classification
Presented at 2009 PEAR Training Retreat
[Click Here]

FHWA Functional Class Guidelines [PDF] 2013

HPMS Reassessment

September 2008 Final Report [PDF]

October 14, 2008 Guidance Memo on 
Functional Class changes [PDF]

MPO Links
MARC-Kansas City MPO

EWGCOG-St. Louis MPO on Great Streets and Functional Class
Procedural Guidelines

CMAP-Chicago Region MPO Class Change Form

Audio Podcast
Functional Classification by Bill Ruhsam
from the Talking Traffic series
[MP3 file]
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